Friday, December 3, 2010

my name is azree .. and this is my story..

My name is Mohd Azree bin Ezuan Saw. My family call me ayie, close friends too... born in Klang, I've been living in klang since i was born until on the 6th November, i received the offerletter from UiTM... and i have to leave my family for the sake of my future.........
           Date of birth, 12/11/1992, second among three brothers... I am half chinese and half malay....I love chocolate very much and do not eat vegetables, it makes me as a carnivore.. *laugh*..I am a very shy and quiet person when I was young..but now I think I am quite 'loud'....haha..  I want to be a lawyer, so that i could have a bright future at the same time to take care of my family esspecially my parents... I love my family very much and i would do anything,..anything for them...
             Other than that, I love to play football and playstation2, kind of addicted to it... I also love watching movies and tv drama... I love to sing too, but not pretty sure whether I sound good or not..
              As conclusion, in this short life , I want to achieve 'something' that could make me happy and could contribute to my parents,family, friends and perhaps to the nation. Insyaallah..

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