Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Sky Is Mine :'(

Today is Tuesday. Day 2, April 2013. I won't forget. It's painful. I just arrived at my hostel. I was walking in the rain, someone chased me out from a premise, I don't know why.

The sky is mine. The sky understands me well. because tadi hujan sangat lebat.

To wash, to wipe, to clean?

I know you guys can't understand what am I trying to tell over here, but hey, my blog is like my diary, I really hope that no one can read this, unfortunately, yes you can.

So I decided to put a limit to the expression of my feelings.

As I grow older, I've learnt a lot. Life is hard. I wish I could be a child once again and forever.

and today, 2nd April 2013... This is unexpected. God always has HIS plans for his servants. I accept that fact. Let's see what will happen next.

Btw, saya DEMAM. I need a rest. Bye. :'(

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